When it comes to running my business, being behind the camera is only half of the job!

Liv in the Moment Photography started with a teenager's dream to photograph people in a customized, treasured, and genuine way. 10 years of constant learning, improving, and hustling turned that dream into a full-time career and changed my entire life.

Since 2010, I’ve worked non-stop on my business, completed my bachelor’s degree in communications, and worked a 9-5 for nearly five years as a project manager for an automotive contracting company. Then, finally in 2019, I quit that corporate job! After years of working double-time to grow my craft and pay the bills, I realized it was time to go all in. And man, that was the best decision of my life!

All this to say, I’ve been in the photography business for a quite a while now and have a lot of outside experience that allows me to create a really unique experience for my clients. I firmly believe that my background in project management is what makes me such a great photographer. Because when it comes to running my business, being behind the camera is only half of the job! 

a few fun facts:

I would be barefoot over high heels any day.

I will drink a honey cinnamon latte with an extra shot at any hour of the day (or night, let's be real).

I’m a little bit dorky and a lotta high energy. I guess you could say I have a lot in common with my golden retriever, Kona...

 Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Nuff said. 

Most of my conversations include quotes from the Office, Parks & Rec, or Disney.

I love brunch so much that I had coffee, donuts, and waffles at my wedding.

"instagram worthy" experiences

My driving motivator in my personal life and my business, is the fact that there are such important, beautiful moments all around us. We just have to take a moment to notice them. Life is too short to worry about looking silly while having your photos taken, or being not skinny enough to be in pictures with your kids, or what people will think if you post that on Instagram.

Your moments deserve to be saved and treasured. Nothing about your life or relationship is too silly or too un-Instagrammable to be worthy of photographing. Wear that gold sequin dress! Let your kid bring their stuffed animal! You wanna have your engagement session in the Dunkin’ Donuts where you first met? Let’s do it! Because years from now, these little things will matter. 

Photographing your real moments shouldn’t be about how many “likes” you’ll get or whether or not they belong on Pinterest.. Photography is about making you feel comfortable, significant and gorgeous, while always taking you back in time to that specific moment and memory. That’s why my entire mission is to connect with every client on a personal level. It’s so that I can photograph you in a way that feels authentic to you and can become a legacy. 

So, don’t be afraid to get silly. Let’s incorporate YOU while also getting those gorgeous photos.

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