Thank you so much for stopping by my little spot on the internet. I could tell you the thousand reasons why I LOVE to photograph weddings, but we can get into that later. Instead, here's a few facts about me that you might not know: 

 - Honey cinnamon latte with an extra shot
 - I can have a conversation in Disney quotes
 - Middle child. Enough said
- I would be barefoot over high heels any day
 - Mint chocolate chip ice cream

hello. I'm Liv.


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Detroit, Michigan

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My husband Matt

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Sarasota, Florida

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Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. It's when you make a commitment, in front of all your friends and family, to dedicate the rest of your life to another person. 

While I truly believe that your photographer is the most important vendor you can book, but that at the end of the day its your wedding, not a photo shoot. 

My goal is to walk alongside you in the days leading up to your wedding, to make sure you have everything you need to make sure that your wedding day is perfectly captured in an authentic and beautiful way.

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

LMP Philosophy